It is no longer enough to make the claim that we are not racist or bigoted or that we believe in the equality of all races.

We must, as a nation, now be willing to do more—to openly demonstrate our commitment to those convictions, so that the whole world, including our children, can see our resolve to support racial peace and a community free of hate.

It is a powerful statement to make. And it will change life as we now know it from the day each of us decides to put on a patch.Personal Integration is about each individual citizen making an effort to actively include people from minorities as part of our everyday life. This is what must happen if we are to ever truly rid our nation of the inherent inequality and intentional separateness manufactured by White Supremacists

Personal integration is also about quietly demonstrating, to anyone who wants to see, the constructive powers of peace that come from embracing the equality of all races. Equality and peace must be our future if we are to survive and prosper as a nation. The prosperity that comes from racial peace will also reveal the destructiveness that we have all suffered because of racial hate.


Wearing the Patch on your clothing— a dress or a jacket or a hat or a backpack or a computer bag —makes the clear, but non-aggressive statement to those around you, that you actively embrace racial equality and reject racial hate in all its forms.

More information about the Patch itself can be found here.

As the number of individuals wearing Patches grow, aggressive and determined racists will be slowly, quietly, yet surely wedged from the mainstream and onto the margins of our society where their hate will eventually fade away for lack of support.


Wearing This Patch Is Not Intended As A Protest

This is not a protest because no one is calling for direct action toward any individual or group or institution. This is simply a call for reasonable, decent people to demonstrate a choice that is wholly within their own hands to make.

At first glance, that doesn’t appear to be so threatening or so challenging a proposition—but make no mistake, for those who do make this choice—it will be both of those things.

At this very moment many people in our nation are experiencing a sense of unease, if not danger. It’s not the current political dysfunction that’s causing it, nor our country’s wider than normal political divide. It’s something deeper and far more troublesome than that. What we are sensing is an old evil, one so harmful that it has burned a wound deep into our nation’s history, a wound that remains open and difficult to heal.

The issue of unresolved racism continues to taint every facet of how we live our lives today, and is right now threatening to tear us apart in disagreement over what this proud country actually stands for.

Racism is the one and only issue that threatens our ability as a people to live in civil peace now or in the future.


The average, decent people of our country understand that accepting full equality is fundamental to a future of peace and prosperity for all.  And it is also a fundamental element in the hate-free existence we want for ourselves and wish for our children and for our children’s children.


Unless we are willing to leave the ugly scourge of racism for yet another generation to deal with, now is the time to begin removing it.

We don’t seem to really have any other choice.

By using a Patch to bind those average, decent citizens together, it will be possible

First we need clear-thinking, caring individuals to wear the Patch and then stand up and demonstrate by their actions and example, what a country of peaceful equality, free of racial hatred looks like. It will take a large majority of such people to be successful. It will also require personal courage and it certainly won’t happen overnight.


But it can be done, totally without violence—at least by those who chose to wear the Patch. 
This is also where the individual courage comes in.
It is not always easy to remain silent or peaceful, especially when faced with open aggression. 


The ultimate result of Personal Integration is wide-spread, inclusive equality and peace. We need only watch a class of grade one or grade two students interacting together on the playground to act as our personal template.

For more on how we can work together to accomplish this see the SHARE page.

One Final Note

The racist/white supremacist faction likes to suggest to themselves, and to others, that treating minorities as equals will mean less for everyone. Also, that encouraging equality for all, means white people will lose access to jobs, educational openings and housing choice. The reality, of course, is completely the opposite of all that. All things, and in particular, economic issues, are substantially improved for everyone with a fully integrated population that is at peace.