The school perspective on sharing the dream of achieving racial peace in this country is particularly critical. The classroom represents an important opportunity to discuss race equality with students.

Racial intolerance is not a natural occurrence, it is learned. Fortunately, students also have the opportunity to learn about racial equality through locally approved and constructed educational curriculum.

We must continue to believe that human decency and common sense will win the day in the minds of young students and do our best to help protect them from becoming victimized by racially motivated hate.

Patches for schools/teachers are two dollars each including all tax and shipping. Validation will be made through the shipping or credit card address of the school. If you are a teacher ordering with your own credit card, we know that happens, please put the name and address of the school you work at in the message box.

The movement needs the energy and idealism of youth to help reach its goal of a future of racial peace. Their future.


Minimum 20 EQ Patches—Tax/shipping/handling included.

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