The Equality Patch is both copyrighted and registered as a trademark world wide.

Use of the EQ patch logo is very much encouraged under license.

We will not, however, be issuing any exclusive licenses.

Instead, there is a scaled, reasonable license fee for all manufacturers based on volume. The fees collected from these licenses will be used to supply patches to those who cannot afford, or do not have the means necessary, to obtain one.

Please request licensing information here——>

Again, manufacturers should consider carefully before committing to this movement. It will not be easy nor totally without consequence for any of us. Especially considering the climate in place at this writing (Trump 2017).

Please know fully what the wearing of this patch represents. About The Patch

We do hope, that in the end, you will decide to come on board and join us. Manufacturers will serve a critically important function in helping to spread the word about this important non-violent action.

Manufacturers lead to stores. Stores to customers. Individual customers, choosing to display their commitment to equality, leads us to one another.

Finding one another will allow us to gather a critical mass of people. A critical mass of people will allow us to form the kind of land we want for ourselves and also allow us to create the peaceful future we want our children to know.

Racial peace achieved by decent people non-violently.