page is intended for individuals who wear the Equality Patch, so they can share their experiences in their community or in the general public. It is also a place to make suggestions for other EQ Patch wearers to consider. In short, this a place for anyone who has thoughts on how to help us all move toward true racial peace.

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The only suggestions that won’t be considered here are those that include violence or aggressive rhetoric or suggest aggressive or challenging action.

This is not only a non-violent movement, but a nearly silent one. We wear the patch proudly, but silently. We gather quietly for support. We witness quietly. And we endure the hate expressed toward the movement silently.

When violence does occur we must certainly protect ourselves, however, not in an overly aggressive way. We should attempt to gather in groups large enough to discourage hate motivated attacks. Seek safe shelter if attacked. Contact proper authorities for protection. Record criminal violence and follow through by bringing appropriate charges.


Most importantly, however, we can not allow aggressive bullying or attempts of intimidation to discourage our conviction that a more peaceful world, one free of racial hate, can and will exist sooner than later.


This site will certainly become a target for those who desire to continue living in a world where their racial intolerance is condoned and encouraged. With that in mind, all comments here must be sent via email (see link at bottom and above) and will be individually filtered for publication.

If you contact this page your name will not be used. We would like to use your location, but if that is too small a place for personal safety, then use a general geographic location, such as SW Texas, Eastern Colorado, Northern Minnesota, Upstate NY.

We realize that there are many variations of hatred toward people of different races and cultures in this land. Despite that reality, this movement is intentionally focusing on the most embedded and damaging confrontation in the history of our nation, racism shown toward people of colour by whites who insist on their supremacy. To have any real chance for change, that specific racist challenge must be acknowledged and passively marginalized by decent people, if our communities are to ever know peace and thrive.

Only when these historic black/white race issues are resolved peacefully in this nation can we successfully move on to other circumstances regarding racism and prejudice.


Eventually, we hope to have a separate page for each state and province in North America. A place where we not only can share experiences, but also share news of progress and the announcement of important events such as, Silent Gatherings.


Silent Gatherings are co-ordinated events intended to support situations which challenge or threaten full race equality in our communities.

Please send your thoughts and support to this email address. Clicking on the icon will open your email with the address already in place. Or you can copy and paste this address into another email client:

All messages will be moderated before publication so that this page can be a safe sanctuary of support for us all.

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