For every American of courage who respects equality and rejects racial hate.

Racial hate, in one form or another, has scarred the heart of every man, woman and child in our land, regardless of race.

If witnessing or being around aggressive racist behaviour makes you feel sick to your stomach, please read on.

Our lives and the lives of those we love and care for, do not have to be this way.

Being constantly exposed to ugly racist hate, as well as the vile dogma of white supremacy, is not a life that normal, clear-thinking people would choose for themselves or for their family.  Nor would they wish that damaging emotional burden visited on their children — or passed onto a future generation.  If the people of our nation are to ever know real civil peace, then racial hate and aggressive racist behaviour must be removed from our society—permanently.

Despite how loud and aggressive and obnoxious racists can seem, the truth is that racial hate is now and always has been, practiced by a minority of people in our nation.

It might sound outrageous to read this, but there is a very real, practical and non-violent means of removing racial aggressiveness, in all its forms, from our communities.

The plan is both simple and difficult. It is to have every American who respects the fundamental principal of race equality, to simply identify themselves by displaying an Equality Patch on their person.

That vast decent majority, those who support equality and reject racism, must stand together and make themselves visible for all to see.  They will bear witness, through their numbers, that it is they who represent the true nature and peaceful aspirations of our nation.

The good news is that there do exist a massive number of quiet, decent, courageous people in our land. Many more than most of us have ever realized. They live in every city, town, nook and cranny of America— an honest, vast, peace-loving majority of people. The sort of people whose compassion and willingness to stand up for others, has allowed this nation to survive its most difficult challenges.

We will never resolve this issue by using the same violence that racism is practiced with today. Nor does every social movement require loud noise and big fireworks.

Sometimes average people need only to quietly standup with other like-minded  friends and neighbours, for the life they wish most for their children and for future generations to know.

Get a Patch. Wear a Patch.

How displaying a patch will work 

In two words—passive marginalization—the totally non-violent, nearly silent process of allowing the quiet, decent  majority of this land to become aware of one another, and by their presence together, make the core of our society an uncomfortable place for those who would practice racism. By displaying our majority, undesirable racist behaviour will be slowly wedged out of mainstream society and quietly nudged onto the sparsely populated margins, where it will eventually dwindle away—not unlike what happens with any unwanted social behaviour that causes others harm, such as public smoking or drunk driving or shielding sexual misconduct.

The Equality Patch should be displayed prominently on clothing or bags or anywhere others can see it, so that all those who support equality and racial peace can not only identify one another, but also gain strength from the knowledge that they are not alone. If you’d like to know more about the Equality Patch itself go here.

Non-violence—This movement is not only totally non-violent, but nearly silent.

Still, it will require significant personal courage from all those who choose to wear a patch. Please read and consider carefully.

To Participate:

*  Each person must decide to display the Equality Patch themselves. The decision belongs to each individual and to them alone.

*  By displaying the Equality Patch, you are announcing that you accept the reality of race equality and totally reject all damaging racist behaviour.

*  When you are ready to make that statement, obtain an Equality Patch and attach it to something you have with you, or wear, often—a jacket, pants, top, packsack, book bag, briefcase, purse, wallet etc.

*  Then, simply stand up and let the Equality Patch share your determination to create true civil peace and marginalize racist hate, peacefully, silently, non-violently.

* The Equality Patch will bind together those who want racial peace for themselves and their family and their neighbours and by doing so, support and strengthen one another’s resolve.

* Reaching  the vast population of decent people in this land will take time. The Equality Patch movement requires our courage and commitment to wear the patch until a critical majority of support can be reached.

This is How To Obtain An Equality Patch (EQ)

Here’s  More  About the Equality Patch.

The straightforward act of wearing this patch will proclaim an individual’s commitment to the life-affirming energy and strength that comes from full equality and racial peace. It also signifies an unqualified rejection of the soul-damaging corrosiveness of racial hate and aggressive physical and emotional race violence.

Please Be Aware:

that, although this movement is entirely non-violent and largely silent, it will still require significant individual courage and determination on the part of each of us who wear the Equality Patch.
that we will require our nation’s vast majority of average, decent people, to step forward. Not –step forward- in a loud or angry or threatening way, but instead, with quiet determination and the fortitude to identify ourselves to friends, family, neighbours, school mates, fellow worshipers and co-workers as someone who understands that race equality is not only fundamental to our existence as human beings, but also critical to our continued survival.
that there are many, many people, like us, who see and understand the uncountable opportunities that become available to this nation when all people are allowed to thrive and work together in sustained peace.
How can average, normally quiet, peaceful people—people who would choose not to march or to demonstrate or to fight against their fellow citizens—how can they share their vision of the peace they want for this country and for their children and for the next generation?
By their simple, everyday presence among others while displaying an Equality Patch.  
Get an Equality Patch.  Display it proudly, peacefully, silently.

Why now:

As of this writing, July 2019, our nation is in the throes of a dysfunction the like of which has rarely been survived anywhere else in the world. There are a myriad of reasons and consequences, but the single ever-present challenge to the peace and security of our nation, since our founding, has been the issues of race and white supremacy. The pall of both demeans us all to this very day. Unchallenged, the damage to our nation caused by that hate will drag our whole society, both the evil minority and good majority, down with it.

Racist hate is now, and always has been, the most pervasive and embedded challenge to daily civil peace for our nation. Other forms of hate which afflict us, often derive backward encouragement from this long-term, historic challenge. There is a lot at stake and much to achieve by taking up this action.

Racists and white supremacists have become emboldened of late and are currently exerting undue influence on the enforcement of our civil laws and impeding the ability of our federal, state and municipal governments to protect all of our citizens and even democracy itself. 

Civil rights is an issue that belongs to us all, yet it’s hard not to notice that white folks have not shown a dram of the courage or determination black people have fought with. It is to our shame we’ve not matched that noble effort and eradicated the evils of racism together.

If experiencing racial hate or violence makes you feel sick to your stomach, get a patch, wear it, share it. Know that you are not alone.

The word, marginalization, is not often seen in a positively oriented context. Here, however, it is being used to describe a slow, quiet, peaceful, yet determined process toward moving unwanted racist behaviour out from the core of our society.